Bid Directory Network - Top 20 Links in Computer Computer /%cat_tags%/ en-us cpanel hosting Cpanel hosting is the most popular website control panel that is provided in php linux hosting server. Cpanel hosting are cheap and reliable and rich in feature. 5.00 Customer Management Software Customer Management Software – Astea helps maximize the value of an organization’s service operation by providing cost-effective solutions that optimize the service enterprise. 3.00 digital asset management We offer dynamic digital assets management solutions using Web Native Suite software that assists in managing digital assets by automating its collection, access, production, distribution and archival. 2.00 Server Monitor Server Monitors and Server Monitoring Tool – Uptime Server Monitoring Software to Monitor Servers across Virtual, Physical and Cloud Environments. 2.00 Server Performance Monitoring Server Performance monitoring - Uptime provides deep server monitors that monitor the performance of critical applications, databases, Web servers, network devices, and critical system-level services. 2.00 data recovery With make data recovery much easier both for windows and Macintosh. Prosofteng offers a varied range of products for hard disk data recovery. 2.00 MDM SoftwareAG’s webMethods OneData is a Master Data Management (MDM) solution that reconciles, cleanses and synchronizes enterprise master data on customers, products, suppliers—whatever category you choose. 2.00